Cover Reveal for New Series!

I’m rejoicing in the belief that we can each begin looking forward to a return to a more “normal” life now that we are halfway through 2021.  I haven’t released a book since March of 2020.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  But now?  I have a new name, a new website, and a new five-book series to release! There will be a cover reveal for The Essential Elements Series books on July 16th, and each book will be available for pre-order through Amazon.  

What is this new paranormal romance series all about?  

Spirit. Fire. Water. Earth. Air.

Caden, Beck, Sawyer, David, and Thorn Brody each possess paranormal abilities that correspond to the five essential elements.  Adopted and raised by Elias Brody to eliminate murderers who could not legally be brought to justice, they come to realize that their origins and purpose are not what they seem.  Their desire for romantic love will lead them to the unique women who were destined to save them in more ways than one.  Very different in temperament, personality, and powers, the brothers must solve the greatest mystery of their lives and will be forced to choose between their lifelong mission, their allegiance to Elias, and a chance for love that might just deliver the world from an all-consuming evil.

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I can’t wait to share the gripping, sensual, and often humorous stories of the Brody men and the women who were meant to love them and to be loved by them.

Let the anticipation begin to build!  You won’t be disappointed.  


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Lauren Cutrera, Author

Lauren Cutrera, Author