About the Author

Passionate About Writing, Traveling, Listening to Audiobooks and Music, and Embracing Diversity


Fascinated by people and their interactions with each other and the world around them, Lauren became addicted to reading and creative writing as a child, but she didn’t decide to write her first novel until she was in her 30s. Visually impaired, Lauren worked in bookstores, libraries, and a music store before becoming a rehabilitation technician and then a counselor for the visually impaired. Each of these jobs provided her with practical experience as well as opportunities to expand her own understanding of human behavior.

Lauren believes our minds are limited only by the restrictions that we place upon them. She is passionate about writing, traveling, listening to audiobooks and music, and embracing diversity. She taught herself how to knit during the 2020 quarantine in order to help save her sanity. Lauren has trouble resisting Dr. Pepper, chocolate, and hazelnut spread.