A Hot and Hectic Time

What a wild two months it’s been!

My mother fell and broke her arm on her dominant side two days before the July release of Kindred Spirits.  She turned 90 in August and has been living with us for eight weeks now.  She’s healing, but being a full-time caregiver has stopped all work for me.  My husband has been great and has been taking the night shift.  But it’s a physically and emotionally draining time for each of us.

Scorched Creek, the second book in The Essential Elements Series, will release on October 1.  It’s ready to go, but I’m scrambling just to stay on top of day-to-day life here.   In addition to juggling Mom’s needs, appointments, and residency at our home, we’re preparing for a move from Florida to Georgia.  If all goes well, we’ll close on our new home on October 8th

So, what have I been doing besides caring for my elderly mother who has dementia and a broken arm?  Packing the house, of course!  Does it matter that my physical limitations make this a painful experience?  No!  I’m too impatient and thrive on challenges to be slowed by my musculoskeletal problems.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it! 

Thankfully, we’re all healthy, and I hope that you are, too!  I will blog again as soon as I can.  I’m grateful that all five books in The Essential Elements Series are ready to go and that all are available for pre-order on Amazon.  Find out more by going to https://laurencutrera.com/my-books/ .

Happy Reading!


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Lauren Cutrera, Author

Lauren Cutrera, Author