Holiday Spirits

Spirits Corner: The Essential Elements Series, Book 3, will go live on December 3rd!  Click here in order to purchase your eBook through Amazon!


Able to psychically scout his surroundings and interact with ghosts, Sawyer Brody prides himself on his paranormal abilities, business sense, and good looks.  No longer a killer of murderers, he now owns the bar Spirits Corner and thinks he has put his past behind him.  Then he finds himself rescuing Teagan DaCosta and eliminating the man who wanted to brutally murder her.  If only that could end the threat to her life….

Grateful for the protection offered by Sawyer and his adopted brothers, Teagan enjoys working as a bartender at Spirits Corner but longs for more than a friendly relationship with Sawyer.  However, unexpected tragedy threatens to destroy her will to live, and she doubts Sawyer’s declarations of love and lust.  His persistence gradually proves to her that he’s telling the truth and also reveals his hidden vulnerabilities.  But the dangers of Teagan’s present situation and the circumstances surrounding Sawyer’s birth family may result in both of their deaths.  Sawyer may be dedicated to loving and protecting Teagan, but she might be the one who will save him when disaster strikes.

Sawyer and Teagan go through some major life changes during Spirits Corner.  My own life has changed so much during these past few months. My mom is happy at her new assisted living facility in nearby Tennessee, and my husband and I are thrilled to be in our new home in northern Georgia.  But there has been a lot to do, and I honestly haven’t touched my computer for work in months.  Thank goodness that all of the Essential Elements books were written and edited last year and that the covers had been designed earlier in 2021 by Cover Me Darling.  What a relief!  If I’d promised to release the books every two months and then hadn’t been able to finish them or get the covers made in time…?  I shudder to think of it!

I’m looking forward to the holidays in a way that I haven’t since the beginning of the pandemic.  I hope you enjoy this holiday season and that you take some time to enjoy Spirits Corner, too!

Happy Reading!


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